VENUS LOVE Moonstone Ring - Silver

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The VENUS LOVE Ring - named after the planet of love; Venus - is a handcrafted adjustable moulded LOVE ring, with a polished rainbow moonstone crystal, set in the 'O'.  Set in 925 sterling silver.

Also available in vermeil gold. 

Ring size: this ring has a 3.5mm band and is adjustable (approx size 6 - 9).  The tallest point (the 'L') is approx 0.8mm and shortest point (the 'V' and 'E') is approx 0.6mm.

Care: while crystals are not fragile, we recommend looking after your crystals and handle with care.  To get the most of your crystal, we recommend 'charging' and 'cleansing' them in the sun, once per week.  All of our crystals are natural, without the use of dyes and gamma-irradiation (heat to induce colour).


All natural crystals possess an amazing energy of natural healing and protection.  We recommend having a crystal on you at all times, in your living space, your work space and even under your pillow, while you sleep.


The meaning of Rainbow Moonstone:  The white crystal energies present in all Moonstones have an association with the our spiritual center. They represent personal identification with the Infinite, and oneness with the Universe, peace and wisdom.  Rainbow Moonstone acts as a prism, diffusing energy throughout the aura. It provides psychic protection, clearing the mind and senses, and aids in lucid dreaming and calm sleep. It deflects negativity and eases emotional trauma.

Moonstone bestows a depth of feeling, a gentleness within the self that brings happiness to the environment in which it resides. Associated with the feminine, it enhances the intuitive side of the mind. To women, Moonstone reveals their feminine power and abilities of clairvoyance.  Moonstone helps men become more in-tune with the feminine aspects of their nature, and stimulates the right side of the brain, encouraging nonlinear thinking and emotional balance.

Moonstone is especially calming to children. It soothes those away from home at night, drives away nightmares and encourages sleep. It is also used to treat sleepwalking.

Moonstone opens the mind to hoping and wishing, inspiration and impulse, serendipity and synchronicity. It brings flashes of insight, keeping one from negatively banishing possibilities. Yet it grants intuitive recognition and allows one to absorb that which is needed from the universe, and not necessarily what is wanted.

Known as the Traveler's Stone, Moonstone has been an amulet of protection since antiquity. It is thought to be most powerful at night.


The majority of our crystal pendants are handcarved by villagers in India. Within these villages, many of the women (and men) can not work; yet they possess amazing skills. There is no factory, they simply work from their homes. We're primarily focusing on empowering these amazing people. Unlike here, every cent makes a huge difference to their lives.